Take a Journey to Makkah, From Home

Get a fully immersive experience of The Kaaba through
a 360° virtual guided walk-through of Makkah.

What You Can Do With WUZU

The WUZU app has multiple features divided into comprehensive sections so you can get a seamless and easy experience as you gain spirituality.
The Easiest Way To Gain Spirituality

With the WUZU app, you can tour all the landmarks in Makkah through a beautifully depicted 3D representation of the Holy City.

See the Sites Like Never Before

Get up close to The Kaaba and other spiritual locations through a recreation that is accurate down to the grading and texture of the sites.

Learn As You Explore

Gain spirituality as you explore the Holy sites through the Du'a and Surah section of the app where you can hear melodic recitations of the Holy Quran.

Get the Experience

If something is stopping you from visiting Makkah, the WUZU app is here to help you get a connection to Allah until you are able to do it in person!

Are you ready to make a deeper spiritual connection?

What you're looking for is just a click away!

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The Ihram Hajj & Umrah
The Ihram

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Surah Ad-Dukhan Duas
Surah Ad-Dukhan

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The Kaaba Hajj & Umrah
The Kaaba

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Our User Experiences

What our app users say about us:
Easy To Use

The WUZU app can be downloaded and used on your smartphone or tablet. With the creation of an Avatar, you can easily navigate through the different locations available on the app.

A Complete Experience

The app comes with beautifully recited Surahs from the Holy Quran, so you can have the complete experience of being in Makkah, while being able to move freely to your preferred locations.

Unmatched Detail

The 3D representations of the land-marks are done with immense attention to detail, down to the texture of the structures. You can get up close to the buildings and see them like you never could before.