About WUZU

WUZU is a 3D simulator with which you can explore Masjid Al Haram and other holy sites of Makkah.
About WUZU

With the WUZU app, you get a chance to take a virtual tour of Masjid Al Haram. Here, you can get up close to the breathtaking Kaaba, explore between the hills of Safa and Marwa, and see other historically significant landmarks in Makkah.

The WUZU app has been designed for those who have never visited Makkah, or those who want to revisit the feeling of peace, spirituality and closeness with God. Take a closer look at all the wonderful sites in mesmerizing 3D imagery while learning about Islam through beautifully recited Quranic ayahs and guided duas for the complete experience.

Experience the greatness of Makkah, the land of blessings and holiness, from the comfort of your home. With WUZU, you can see the beautiful Masjid Al Haram and its beloved vicinity with stunning accuracy, from exact size and dimensions, down to the texture of the buildings.

With this fully immersive experience, the WUZU app becomes a virtual retreat where you can achieve true peace of mind and a deeper connection to Islam.