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The Ihram Hajj & Umrah
The Ihram

The ihram is seen as specific clothing that Muslims wear for pilgrimages, but in reality it is more of a state of being. Learn more about it here.

Surah Ad-Dukhan Duas
Surah Ad-Dukhan

Reacting Surah Ad-Dukhan on Fridays can help you gain forgiveness for your sins and give you peace in this life. Read more about it here.

The Kaaba Hajj & Umrah
The Kaaba

The Holy Kaaba is likely the most significant religious building across faiths, world over. Learn how this structure became so through a brief history.

The Differences Between Umrah and Hajj Hajj & Umrah
The Differences Between Umrah and Hajj

There are some integral differences between Umrah and Hajj even though a lot of the rituals overlap. Learn about the main differences here.

Surah Al-Waqiah Duas
Surah Al-Waqiah

Reciting Surah Al-Waqiah every night can save you from a life of poverty. Read about the history and contents of the surah here.

Surah Ar-Rahman Duas
Surah Ar-Rahman

Recite Surah Ar-Rahman, often referred to as “The Beauty of the Quran”, to cleanse your heart of evil and give you comfort on the Day of Judgement.