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Surah Qaf Duas
Surah Qaf

Read the transliteration, meaning and significance of Surah Qaf and how it reveals with vivid imagery the scenes from the Day of Judgement.

Surah Al-Mulk Duas
Surah Al-Mulk

Reap the rewards of reading Surah Al Mulk that can save you from punishments of the grave with this easy to understand transliteration and meaning.

Surah Yasin Duas
Surah Yasin

Read Surah Yasin, the “Heart of the Quran”, and get the countless benefits from Allah as reiterated by the Holy Prophet (SAW).

Duas To Ease Your Troubles Duas
Duas To Ease Your Troubles

Whether you are seeking forgiveness, protection, peace of mind, want to ask for health, happiness, or anything else, there are surahs in the Quran to help you do it.

The Holy Sites Of Makkah Hajj & Umrah
The Holy Sites Of Makkah

Learn more about the holy landmarks in and around Makkah. These sites hold major historical and spiritual significance in Islamic pilgrimages.

The Significance of Umrah Hajj & Umrah
The Significance of Umrah

Aside from being God’s will, the acts performed during Umrah hold historical significance and are important for the growth of mind, body and soul.