WUZU’s Features

WUZU is the leading mobile application for Muslims that offers a completely immersive walk-through of Makkah's holy landmarks in stunning detail.

A Complete Experience

A detailed, high resolution and engaging walk-through of the Holy Mosque vicinity in Makkah

Unmatched Detail

Advanced 3D imagery of Makkah’s blessed locations, the exact size and dimensions of which are recreated with immense detail and unbelievable accuracy of texture, depth and space.

Exploring With Ease

An easy user interface to allow you to freely walk around and closely interact within the famous holy landmarks of Makkah, including Masjid Al Haram and Sa’i

A Virtual Guide

Islamic Prayer (dua) section to create a highly engaging and spiritual experience and provide a realistic and devotional value to Muslims, who long to experience the spirituality that the holy landmarks of Makkah have to offer

Ever Evolving

Choose from a growing list of virtual locations to visit and explore, including The Kaaba, Safa and Marwa, Jamaraat and more